4 Hidden Dangers of Restaurant Grease Traps

Oct 19, 2022

4 Hidden Dangers of Restaurant Grease Traps

A grease trap is a plumbing fixture that is installed in restaurants and other food service establishments to filter grease, oils, and fats from wastewater before it flows into the sewer waste system. This plumbing device collects and reduces the amount of grease, fats, and oils that enter sanitary sewer lines. If left unchecked, fats, oils, and grease will find their way into sewer pipes and cause problems such as blocked sewer lines and foul odors.

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Since restaurant grease traps filter out grease, oils, and fats from wastewater, it’s necessary to keep up with routine maintenance to prevent clogging and other problems. Let’s look at some of the dangers of clogged grease traps and why grease trap cleaning is important.

Unpleasant Odors

A clogged grease trap will produce bad odors over time and push diners out of your restaurant. If you fail to clean out your restaurant’s grease trap on a regular basis, unpleasant odors will force their way back inside. The last thing you want is to deal with negative reviews from diners complaining about unappealing smells in your restaurant. You should call a trusted septic company if you notice unpleasant smells coming from your grease trap.

Health Hazards

A clogged grease trap will emit toxic fumes that may cause discomfort, irritation to the eyes and airways, and other health hazards. Moreover, grease trap blockages can cause wastewater to overflow and contaminate your water sources.

Extra Costs

Neglecting your grease trap can lead to extra costs in the form of expensive replacements, damaged wastewater piping, penalties for violating health department regulations, and closures as you deal with a clogged grease trap. Scheduling regular grease trap cleaning in your restaurant will save you money in the long run.

Fire Hazard

Grease is highly flammable as it contains petroleum-derived mineral oil. If a kitchen fire starts in your restaurant and your grease trap is filled up, the fire is more likely to spread quickly and become difficult to control. A clean grease trap eliminates fire hazards and keeps your restaurant safer.

Tips for Maintaining Restaurant Grease Traps

  • Install sink strainers to prevent the passage of grease and solid debris into the drain pipes.
  • Scrape all food off plates before putting them in your sinks.
  • Avoid pouring oil down restaurant sinks as it will congeal to form blockages.
  • Have your grease trap pumped out regularly by a professional septic company.
  • Post "No Grease" signs above your restaurant sinks to remind your staff to avoid dumping grease down the drains

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