5 Things To Avoid Putting Down The Garbage Disposal

Jul 26, 2022

5 Things To Avoid Putting Down The Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a small device mounted to the underside of a kitchen sink that grinds up food waste into super small pieces in the grinding chamber so it can be washed down the drain. This unit is one of the most convenient kitchen appliances as it allows you to dispose of food waste with the simple flip of a switch.

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Despite the efficiency of a garbage disposal, many people misuse it by putting all manner of things down the device. The garbage disposal might seem like it can handle every type of waste, but dumping all manner of food items down the unit is a surefire recipe for bad smells, a broken appliance, and major plumbing problems down the road.

At Septic Blue of Charlotte, we’ve put together a list of some of the things you should avoid putting down the garbage disposal. And know that we are on your side and ready to help you with septic tank repair, septic tank pumping, and all of your septic needs.

If you have a garbage disposal, here are 5 things you should never put down there and why.

Fat, Grease, and Oil

While fats, grease, and oils may look harmless because they’re usually in liquid form, these substances solidify when cooled and eventually cause clogs in your drains.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are deceptive. They seem like they can easily go down the garbage disposal, but really they are going to clump together when wet and clog up your drain just like pasta. Furthermore, stray beans can easily jam your garbage disposal. Instead of dumping them down the garbage disposal, consider composting them or throw them in your garbage bin.

Egg Shells

Many homeowners put egg shells in the garbage disposal because they’ve heard that they help sharpen the blades mounted on the disposal. This is not true because garbage disposals don’t use actual blades to shred food waste. Instead, they use impellers which push food against a grind ring. Besides, egg shells have a thin membrane on the inside which can wrap around the impellers, thereby causing a whole host of problems for your appliance.

Like coffee grounds, either throw them in the trash can or compost them.

Large or Thick Bones

Disposing of large or thick bones down your garbage disposal is always a bad idea. While the impellers that shred food waste are strong, they aren’t designed to break down large bones. Animal bones can easily get stuck in the device and reduce the lifespan of your disposal. Even the smallest bones that can easily pass through without a problem should be kept out of the device. You’ll be much better off throwing bones in the trash bin than dumping them down your disposal.

Starchy Foods

Starchy foods such as oatmeal, pasta, rice, and potatoes can turn into paste in your disposal and cause tough clogs. You’re much better off throwing them in the trash bin than putting them down the garbage disposal.

If you need reliable and affordable septic tank repair or septic tank pumping, reach out to Septic Blue of Charlotte.