Are Essential Oils Safe for Septic Systems?

Feb 08, 2024

Are Essential Oils Safe for Septic Systems?

Many people have incorporated essential oils into their skincare and therapeutic routines. Some combine essential oils with a carrier oil, like jojoba or coconut oil, to create a dilution safe for topical application. This can be used for massage therapy, targeting specific areas of the body for potential pain relief or relaxation. Others add a few drops of essential oil to a warm bath for a relaxing and aromatic experience. But the question is: are essential oils septic-safe? Can they take a toll on your septic system?

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Here at Septic Blue of Charlotte, we have many years of professional experience in the septic industry. As a reputable septic company, we understand what’s good and bad for your septic system. We are the go-to septic service company for all of your septic system needs, including septic tank installation, septic tank repair, drainfield installation, and many more. Today, we’ll discuss whether or not essential oils are good for septic systems.

Essential oils are considered safe for septic systems when used in small amounts. Diluted essential oils, like wild orange oil, pine oil, citrus oil, tea tree oil, or lavender oil, used for occasional cleaning or diffusing, are unlikely to harm your septic system. These oils, in small quantities, are biodegradable and don’t disrupt the beneficial bacteria crucial for septic function. Therefore, if you’ve decided to incorporate essential oils into your therapeutic routine, don’t shy away from using essential oils. Just make sure you use them in moderation.

Things To Keep in Mind When Using Essential Oils

  • Limit the Use of Essential Oils With Antibacterial Properties

While beneficial for cleaning surfaces, the antibacterial properties of some oils can harm the good bacteria in your septic tank if used excessively. This can disrupt the natural breakdown process and lead to issues. It’s advisable to dilute essential oils with antibacterial properties and use them in moderation.

  • Never Pour Undiluted Essential Oils Directly Down The Drain

Essential oils are concentrated and can harm your pipes and septic system as a whole. Even small amounts can solidify and contribute to clogs. Always dilute essential oils properly with water or a carrier oil before using them near drains.

  • Do Not Use Essential Oils Frequently

Even diluted oils, if used frequently, can accumulate over time and impact the bacterial balance in your septic system. We recommend you limit their use for occasional cleaning or diffusing. If you’ve been using essential oils excessively, consider pumping out your septic tank in order to give it a fresh start. Regular septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning are crucial for maintaining a healthy and functional septic system.

Hire Septic Blue of Charlotte If You Notice Any Issues

If you use a septic system for wastewater treatment in your property, you’ll need the services of a professional septic company from time to time. It may be time for septic tank pumping, your septic system may break down for some reason, or it may be time to install a new septic tank. When you’re in need of reliable septic services, hire the team at Septic Blue of Charlotte to do the job. Whether it be septic tank repair, septic tank cleaning, or drainfield repair, we have what it takes to get the job done right. With our stellar reputation in the industry, you can trust that your septic system is in good hands when we’re on the job.