Can A Septic Tank Be Too Big?

Mar 13, 2024

Can A Septic Tank Be Too Big?

If you’re considering installing a septic tank in your home or replacing an aging one, you may be wondering if a septic tank can be too big. Well, the size of your septic tank determines how effective and efficient your entire septic system functions. Installing a big septic tank might seem like a good idea, but the reality is, it can cause problems. If a septic tank is too large, your septic system won’t run efficiently.

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At Septic Blue of Charlotte, we are familiar with the unpleasant consequences that come with installing the wrong septic tank size. In this article, our septic technicians will explain why choosing the right septic tank size matters. If you’re looking for a professional septic company offering affordable and efficient septic services, look no further than Septic Blue of Charlotte. We specialize in septic tank installation, septic tank repair, septic system maintenance, and more.

What Happens If Your Septic Tank is Too Big?

If your septic tank is too big, there may not be enough accumulated liquid to support the bacteria needed to break down the organic matter in the sludge. A properly functioning septic tank relies on a colony of aerobic bacteria in the tank to reduce the volume of solids and partially treat the wastewater. In a situation where there’s no enough liquid for bacterial growth, there will be inefficient waste breakdown. This could lead to undigested solids accumulating at the bottom of the tank, scum layer issues, and a clogged outlet baffle.

What Happens If Your Septic Tank is Too Small?

You will also experience problems if your septic tank is too small. An undersized septic tank won’t be able to cope with the amount of wastewater passing through the system. The solids and liquids entering the tank won’t have adequate time to separate effectively, thereby leading to the premature discharge of partially treated effluent into the drainfield. The solids can clog the outlet pipe leading into the drainfield, resulting in wastewater backup. In the event that the solids end up in the drainfield, they will impact its ability to filter the effluent effectively. If your septic tank is too small, you’ll find yourself dealing with issues like sewage backups, odor issues, overloading, frequent septic tank pumping, a shortened septic tank lifespan, and many more.

Seek Help from Trusted Septic Professionals

As we’ve already highlighted, choosing the right septic tank size from the onset determines the overall efficiency and lifespan of your septic system. That’s why septic tank installation should be left to a professional septic tank company. Septic experts with years of industry experience have what it takes to determine the right septic tank size and carry out the installation process efficiently. They will gather the necessary information, such as the number of bedrooms and water usage, review local regulations, and perform a percolation test to determine the soil’s absorption rate. Based on the collected information and test results, septic technicians will calculate the recommended septic tank size that meets your needs.

If you’re looking for a trusted septic company, get in touch with Septic Blue of Charlotte. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including septic tank repair, septic tank pumping, drainfield repair, septic tank cleaning, and many more. Our team of licensed and insured technicians is highly trained and well equipped to offer top-notch services. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more about the services we offer.