How Septic Systems Can Impact Well Water

Oct 04, 2021

How Septic Systems Can Impact Well Water

Did you know that over 42 million households throughout the United States solely rely on private water wells as the main connection for water in their homes? These same households also rely on their septic systems to treat the wastewater that comes out of their homes and back into the soil on their property. This causes a lot of homeowners to wonder about how the well water is safe and protected to ensure their safety. Are you wondering if your septic system is contaminating your well water? The team at Septic Blue of Charlotte is here to help!

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A private well is created when a hole is drilled in the ground that gives a home access to water that is somewhere underneath the ground in their property. There will be a series of pumps installed underground that will allow the water to move up to the surface and into your home, giving you all the water you could possibly need. If you want to learn more about how your septic system affects your well water, keep reading to learn from Septic Blue of Charlotte!

How Does Your Septic System Impact Well Water?

The drain field of your septic system is made to filter any solid waste or toxins from the wastewater that enters your system. Once the water is filtered, it is then treated to remove any harsh bacteria and the water is then purified. The water enters into the next section of the septic tank where contaminants are removed and the water is dispersed back into the soil around your home.

The biggest way septic systems impact well water is that they help to ensure the safety of the supply from your water well. If you have a septic system installed or plan to have one installed, it will need to reach current regulations to ensure your well water is safe and protected. When you choose Septic Blue of Charlotte, you can always feel safe knowing that we properly installing your septic tank system.

One thing to keep in mind is that when a water well is installed on your property, you want it to be installed so that the rainwater flowers away from your well. Rainwater isn’t as clean as one would think, and large amounts of rainwater in your water well can create toxic water that is contaminated with things that you don’t ever want in your water.

When you have a septic tank system and water well on your property, you always want to schedule regular maintenance and repair to ensure your water is always clean and healthy. The key to preventing any major health issues with your well water is proper maintenance and repairs. Just because you can’t always see your septic tank doesn’t mean it doesn’t require any attention.

Are you looking for septic tank cleaning to ensure the water in your home is safe and clean? Do you need a septic company to provide you with septic tank cleaning, pumping, maintenance, repair, or installation? If so, give Septic Blue of Charlotte a call today!