How to Care for Your Septic Tank Risers

Jan 05, 2023

How to Care for Your Septic Tank Risers

A septic tank riser is a large-diameter pipe that extends from the cleanout opening at the top of a septic tank to the surface of your yard. This pipe is usually made of plastic, fiberglass, or concrete. It provides easy ground-level access to the septic tank for inspection, maintenance, and pumping out. Like other components of your septic system, it’s important to take good care of your septic tank risers to keep them in good working order. If you fail to maintain your septic tank risers, you may end up dealing with costly problems down the road.

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In this article, we will discuss some of the ways to care for septic tank risers and keep them in good condition.

Fasten the Risers Lids with Screws

Septic tank risers contain lids that can be removed for inspection and septic tank pumping. The lids should be fastened with screws to ensure a watertight seal that will keep groundwater from finding its way into your septic tank. Also, septic tank risers should be two inches above the final grade instead of being buried under the surface of the soil.

Avoid Planting Vegetation with Troublesome Roots near Septic Tank Risers

It’s advisable to avoid planting trees, shrubs, and tall decorative grasses around your septic tank risers. Roots from trees, shrubs, and tall decorative grasses are notorious for growing into septic tanks, drainfield pipes, and septic tank risers. It’s best to avoid planting vegetation around your septic tank risers. If you must plant vegetation near your septic tank risers, go for plants with shallow, non-invasive roots.

Inspect Septic Risers At Least Once Every Three Years

You should have a professional septic technician inspect your septic tank risers at least once every three years to ensure they are in good shape. Like your septic tank and drainfield pipes, septic tank risers are susceptible to leaks, especially if you tend to bump into them when mowing your lawn or drive over the risers every so often. A leaking septic tank riser can lead to groundwater getting into your septic tank. Regular inspection allows you to detect problems such as leaks early enough before they become major problems. This not only saves you money in the long run, but it also helps to keep your septic system in good working condition.

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