How to Find Septic Tank Filter in My Home

Jan 22, 2022

How to Find Septic Tank Filter in My Home

Many people are unaware that their septic system has a filter. After all, no one plans to use the water inside the septic tank, so why bother filtering it? The purpose of this important component is to keep micro solids and other debris inside your tank and out of your leach field pipes. Keeping your filter clean and functional will support the proper flow of wastewater and allow your system to work correctly for a longer period of time. As a leading septic company in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, our septic service professionals want to help local property owners find the best ways to keep their waste management system in top shape. At Septic Bluee of Charlotte, we’re always here to help. Here are some important reasons why maintenance matters and what you can do to keep your filter and septic system fresh.

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The Leach Field

The leach field, also known as the drain field, is an essential part of your overall wastewater system. Its function is to safely direct the water that flows from your tank into the soil. To do this properly, the area must filter out the contaminants so that the groundwater remains protected from the introduction of dangerous bacteria. If the leach field can no longer perform its duty, it can create a hazardous environment for your family and possibly the entire neighborhood.

The Septic Tank

A septic tank is designed to hold all of the wastewater that makes its way into your drains. Every time you take a shower or bath, wash the dishes or start a load of laundry, your septic tank is tested. Inside the tank is a thriving ecosystem of bacteria that will feed on the solids that come into the tank and break down the materials over time. If your tank becomes overloaded with debris that can’t be broken down, or if the bacteria levels are compromised because of harsh chemicals, then the system can be negatively affected.

The Tank Filter

A septic filter rests on the outlet of the tank, where it works to catch solids that may be floating inside the stream of wastewater that flows through the drain field pipes. If the filter becomes clogged or damaged, the water may backup, or the solids could clog your leach field. Both circumstances can lead to serious septic issues. To prevent this, it is recommended that filters be cleaned about every six months. Most filters are designed to be removed and cleaned with a simple garden hose. However, if you have trouble finding the filter or aren’t sure how to remove or replace it, you can call a septic company for assistance.

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Are you looking for a reliable septic company that can keep your tank, leach field, and filter functioning well? Then call the specialists at Septic Blue of Charlotte, NC. Our professionals have the training and experience required to maintain and repair your septic system. Contact our office for more details about our offerings or schedule an upcoming septic service.