How to Keep Your Septic Tank System Healthy

Sep 14, 2021

How to Keep Your Septic Tank System Healthy

It’s no surprise that the systems in your home will last you longer when you provide them with proper maintenance – the same goes for your septic tank system. While we always assume the presence of bacteria is a bad thing, your septic tank system needs a balance of different bacteria for it to be healthy. When it comes to septic tank cleaning, the team at Septic Blue of Charlotte knows how to properly clean your septic tank so it’s always healthy.

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Your septic tank’s main job is to break down different waste and solids that enter into it. It starts by separating heavy particles from light particles and it flushes all the clean water out into your property’s drain field.

To keep your septic tank system working properly, it’s important to know exactly how your system works. Your septic tank treats and recycles water that comes from your house and makes sure it goes through the necessary steps to ensure nothing but clean water enters back into the soil around your home. Bacteria is necessary to keep a healthy septic tank system, so having a septic tank company like Septic Blue of Charlotte to perform regular maintenance of septic tank cleaning is extremely important for the health of your septic tank system.

Are you looking for ways you can keep your septic tank system healthy during your regular visits from Septic Blue of Charlotte? Here are our top tips.

4 Tips to Keep Your Septic Tank System Healthy

1.  Avoid the cleaning chemicals

While brands make drain cleaners that are marketed to help keep your drains free of clogs, they are one of the worst things you can put into your pipes. Things like sulfates can disrupt that natural balance of good bacteria in your septic tank system, throwing it off course and not allowing it to break down wastes as it should. You want to avoid flushing or rinsing your pipes with harsh cleaning chemicals. If you really need to use something like rinse aid, make sure to dilute it with water before flushing it down your drains.  

2.  Use a septic tank additive

Some brands make septic system bacteria additives that are a great thing to use to make sure your septic tank system is healthy. These additives act as the natural bacteria in your pipe, always ensuring your pipes are balanced and functioning properly.

3.  Garbage disposals aren’t good like you think

Believe it or not, garbage disposals can increase the amount of solid waste that enters your septic tank system, meaning your drains are more likely to clog and your septic tank system will have to work twice as hard to break down everything in your tank.

4.  No grease or food in your drains

There are some things that should never go into your pipes – and those things are grease and food. Both of these things can instantly clog your drains and cause your septic tank system to not function properly. If your tank isn’t working as it should, your tank’s health is at risk.

Are you looking for a septic tank company to provide you with septic tank maintenance or septic tank cleaning? Give the team at Septic Blue of Charlotte a call today! We offer a wide variety of septic tank system services. Call our office to learn more.