How to Save Money on Septic Maintenance?

Feb 17, 2024

How to Save Money on Septic Maintenance?

If your home has a septic system, you know how important it is to keep up with regular maintenance. Although there are costs that go into caring for your septic system, maintenance doesn’t have to empty your wallet either.

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In this post, Septic Blue of Charlotte shares the biggest ways to minimize your septic maintenance expenses and maximize the life of your septic system. We are a premier septic company specializing in septic tank installation, septic maintenance, drainfield replacement, and all things related to septic systems. Read on to learn about what you can do to save money on your septic system maintenance expenses.

  • Regular Septic Tank Pumping

This is one of the most important septic system maintenance tasks, along with septic tank cleaning. It is crucial for preventing sewage backups, overflows, and drainfield damage. The frequency of septic pumping depends on several factors, like household size and tank size. Let a professional septic company like Septic Blue of Charlotte help you pump out your septic tank and restore proper functioning.

  • Make Sure Your Tank Has Easy Access

You’ll be surprised by the number of homeowners who don’t know the location of their septic tanks. This is problematic, as it can lead to pumping difficulties, inspection challenges, and even safety hazards. It’s advisable to locate your tank and clear any obstacles around it. A readily accessible tank saves time and money during septic tank pumping. Also, consider installing septic risers to bring the tank lids above ground for easier access and pumping. If you are unsure where the tank is located, consult your property documentation or maps.

  • Schedule Routine Service

While not as frequent as septic tank pumping, consider regular inspections by a professional septic company to identify potential problems early. You should have your septic system inspected at least once every three years or when you notice signs of septic problems. This proactive approach can save you money on septic maintenance in the long run.

  • Consider Septic System Upgrades

A septic system’s lifespan should be anywhere from 15 to 40 years, depending on a wide range of factors. If your septic system is nearing the end of its lifespan or struggling, consider upgrading to a more efficient system. Long-term, this can save money on septic tank repairs and maintenance. Reach out to a trusted local septic service company to inspect your septic system and provide recommendations. A professional septic service can handle everything from septic tank installation to drainfield installation, septic upgrades, and more.

  • Be Mindful When You Flush

Treating your toilet like a trash bin can lead to septic failure. Only flush toilet paper and human waste. Avoid "flushable" wipes, feminine products, grease, condoms, diapers, cotton swabs, and chemicals, as they can clog your system. If you have a garbage disposal, use it sparingly and only for food scraps that easily break down.

  • Pay Attention to Signs of Trouble

Many of us rarely think about our septic systems until there’s a complete breakdown. Don’t fall into the ‘out of mind, out of sight’ mindset. Ignoring signs of septic failure is a recipe for disaster. Watch out for slow drains, sewage odors, gurgling sounds, or standing water near your tank, and schedule septic tank repair service with a reputable septic company. Addressing septic issues early enough can save you money down the line.

  • Conserve Water

Septic systems are designed to handle a specific amount of wastewater. When flooded with excess water, the tank can't effectively separate solids from liquids and treat the wastewater. This can lead to solid waste overflow, backups, reduced bacteria effectiveness, and drainfield damage. To prevent septic failure, we recommend you minimize your water usage. Here are three ways you can conserve water and protect your septic system:

  • Fix leaks: Fix leaky faucets and toilets to prevent excess water from entering the system.
  • Water-efficient appliances: Consider upgrading to water-efficient appliances like low-flow toilets and showers.
  • Spread out laundry and dishwasher loads: Don't overload your washing machine or dishwasher, as this can send large amounts of water to the septic system at once.

Leave Septic System Maintenance to The Pros

If you’re looking for a trusted septic service company to help you keep your septic tank in top shape, look no further than Septic Blue of Charlotte. We are a trusted name when it comes to septic installations, septic tank repair, septic tank cleaning, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.