How Trees Can Ruin Your Septic Drain Field

Sep 04, 2022

How Trees Can Ruin Your Septic Drain Field

We sure do love trees. They are beautiful, they provide us shade and comfort, they make our houses more aesthetically appealing, and they increase the value of our houses; the list is simply endless. However, it would be safe to say that our trees aren’t the best friends of our septic systems. One common mistake a lot of homeowners do is to plant trees in their yards without considering their proximity to the septic drain field. The tree roots can significantly damage the pipes and the septic tank and any damage to your septic drain field mean a health hazard to you and your family. If there’s a leak in your septic system, many bacteria can infiltrate your water and your house and eventually may cause significant illnesses such as lung damage, poisoning incidences, and even hepatitis. The hazard isn’t limited to your health either, it can damage your house because we all know leaks are destructive. Now, to be more careful about the locations where you plant your trees, you should know how trees can negatively affect your septic drain field.

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Cracks In The Pipes

As we all know, water and trees have a very special bond. Even in the most unexpected places, trees are known for their ability to find water through their roots. Especially if that water has nutrients for the tree, it will be impossible to keep the tree away from the water, wherever it may be. That’s why septic pipes are one of the most common targets of tree roots. Whenever there’s even the slightest crack, the tree will do everything in its power to reach that water and unfortunately, it is not so considerate of the wellness of the pipes. So, the root will find a way to get in that crack and grow there. Of course, this act might cause serious damage to pipes and create leaks because of the massive cracks in the pipes.

Clogs and More

The previous scenario with the leaks might turn into something even more dangerous soon. After getting inside the pipe, certain tree roots just stay there and grow until it completely blocks that pipe, and nothing else can pass. Since the septic water will not be able to pass through the pipes, you may face problems like septic back-ups. Another problem that you may face if the root advances in the pipe are the potential bursting. If your pipe is burst from inside, you may have to face both significant health hazards and a very big mess. The only way to prevent this from happening is to notice when the root enters the pipe and remove it before it creates a problem like bursting. Of course, this must be noticed at an early stage otherwise repair or even replacement might be inevitable.

Information Is The Key

The main way you can prevent this from happening is through proper knowledge. If you are informed on where to plant your trees in your yard and types of trees to avoid for the sake of your septic drain field, you won’t have to deal with problems like these. Now, you may not be informed on this type of information or even on the layout of your septic system. Luckily, Septic Blue of Charlotte is ready to inform you and help you with taking care of your septic system with services like septic tank pumping, repair, and replacement. We are an affordable and accessible septic company and will provide you with the service you deserve. Call us today to learn more!