Warning Signs of a Full Septic Tank

Jun 06, 2024

Warning Signs of a Full Septic Tank

Unlike the city sewer system, septic tanks have a limited capacity. They act as a holding tank for wastewater, allowing solids to settle and liquids to separate for treatment in the drain field. However, this holding capacity isn't infinite, and over time, the tank can fill up with solid waste and sludge. Knowing when to empty your septic tank is crucial for maintaining a healthy and efficient wastewater system for your home.

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Today, we explain the common signs your septic tank needs emptying. We are a professional septic company you can rely on for all of your septic service needs, including septic tank installation, routine maintenance, and more.

  • Water Is Pooling Around Your Septic Tank

Pools of smelly water forming in your yard near your septic tank is a sign of a full septic tank. When your septic tank reaches its capacity but you continue using your plumbing fixtures as usual, disaster awaits. The tank won't be able to handle the incoming wastewater. This trapped water will have nowhere to go, causing backups in your drains and leading to sewage overflows in your home or yard.

Sometimes, puddled water in the yard can be a sign of a cracked septic tank. Cracks or damage in the septic tank itself or the inlet and outlet pipes can allow wastewater to leak out and pool around the tank. If your septic tank was recently pumped, pooling water around it can signal septic tank damage. In this case, it’s advisable to schedule a septic tank repair to identify and address the cause.

  • Awful Smell in the Yard

Is there an obnoxious smell wafting out of your drains? Have you noticed a pungent smell around your septic tank as well? This is an indication that there’s a problem with your septic tank. This issue can result from a blocked vent stack or a full septic tank that needs pumping. When a septic tank starts to fill up, it won’t be able to contain the gases. Septic tank pumping can help mitigate foul odors in your home or yard. It can also prevent sewage backup and extend the lifespan of your septic system. If there’s an awful smell coming from a full septic tank, a trusted septic company like Septic Blue of Charlotte can help.

  • Backups Into the Home

This is one of the most unpleasant signs of a full septic tank. Normally, the lowest drains in a house will be the first to experience a backup if your septic tank is full. Sometimes, sewage backup can occur as a result of a drain line clog, but either situation needs to be resolved to avoid sanitary issues. Get in touch with a professional septic company that offers septic tank pumping services to perform an inspection and determine the most appropriate action.

  • Slow Drains

If you experience multiple slow-draining fixtures, consider emptying your septic tank. However, it’s advisable to rule out a drain line clog first before considering scheduling septic pumping and septic tank cleaning. When the tank is too full, it cannot process wastewater efficiently, and this can cause several plumbing fixtures to drain more slowly than usual. Reach out to a professional company that specializes in septic tank installation for an inspection.

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Now that you know the signs of a full septic tank and what to do, put Septic Blue of Charlotte on speed dial for everything from septic tank repair to septic system inspection and installing a new septic tank.