What Happens If I Need A Drain Field Repair?

Jul 18, 2023

What Happens If I Need A Drain Field Repair?

A drain field, also known as a leach field, is an essential component of a septic system. It consists of a series of perforated pipes or chambers that distribute effluent from a septic tank into the surrounding soil. If your drain field is not in good working condition, there’s a good chance you’ll experience a wide range of problems, including sewage backups, slow drains, and foul odors in your home.

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When you notice signs of drain field problems, it’s important to reach out to a nearby septic company as soon as possible. Often, many homeowners ignore warning signs of a failing drain field and end up paying dearly for a complete drain field replacement. Typically, repairing a drain field costs between $1,000 and $5,000, while a complete drain field replacement can cost upwards of $10,000. If these figures are anything to go by, you don’t want to incur the costs of a complete replacement, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Here at Septic Blue of Charlotte, we recommend acting fast as soon as you notice signs that your drain field has a problem.

What Are The Signs You Need A Drain Field Repair?

  • Soggy area surrounding drain field
  • Slow draining fixtures in your home
  • Backed-up sewage
  • Sewage odors around your home or yard
  • Standing pools of water in your drain field area, yet it hasn’t rained recently
  • Unusually green grass in the drain field area
  • Slimy, black substance on the ground around your drain field

If you’re experiencing any of the system issues above, then it is important that you contact septic experts to repair your drain field as soon as possible.

Find the Right Septic Company to Handle the Job

Drain field repair is a job that requires in-depth knowledge of septic systems, extensive industry experience, and state-of-the-art tools. Therefore, it’s not the kind of job that can be handled by an amateur. When you’re in need of drain field repair, reach out to a professional septic company with a proven track record. Professional septic technicians not only understand the intricacies of drain fields, but they are also equipped with specialized tools and machinery to excavate the area, inspect the pipes, and perform the necessary repairs. When you’re looking for a septic company to restore your drain field to good working condition, be on the lookout for companies that may try to scam you into going for a complete drain field replacement when it’s not necessary. Always work with a trusted septic company for all of your septic system needs, including leach field repair, septic tank installation, septic tank repair, and septic tank pumping.

Don’t Put Off Crucial Drain Field Repairs! Contact Septic Blue of Charlotte Today

While drain field repairs are not fun to deal with, they are an inevitable part of owning a septic system. Without timely repairs and proper maintenance, your drain field and the entire septic system will fail. If you’re in need of professional drain field repair, you can trust the experts at Septic Blue of Charlotte to get the job done right. We are an experienced and top-rated septic company with extensive industry experience. Besides drain field repair, we offer septic tank installation, septic tank pumping, and septic tank repair.

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