What is the Most Eco-Friendly Septic System?

Jul 06, 2024

What is the Most Eco-Friendly Septic System?

The call for sustainable living is louder now than ever before. When it comes to wastewater management, being eco-conscious is no longer an option but a necessity. So, what exactly is an eco friendly septic system? Septic Blue of Charlotte looks into the benefits of an eco friendly system and what you can do to contribute to a healthier environment and a more sustainable future.

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What Is An Eco Friendly Septic System?

An eco friendly septic system is a wastewater treatment system designed to minimize environmental impact while effectively treating household waste. This can be achieved through natural treatment processes, innovative technologies like aerobic treatment units, and water conservation practices.

What Are The Benefits Of An Eco Friendly Septic System?

  • Enhanced Wastewater Treatment Efficiency

Eco-friendly septic systems often utilize advanced technologies like aerobic treatment units that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. This leads to a more thorough breakdown of waste, resulting in cleaner effluent that's less harmful to the environment when discharged into the soil.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact

Traditional septic systems can contaminate groundwater and nearby waterways with pollutants like nitrogen and phosphates. Eco friendly systems minimize this risk by treating wastewater more effectively.

  • Longevity and Durability

Many eco friendly septic systems are built with robust materials and require less frequent maintenance compared to traditional systems. These septic systems last longer, thereby saving you money in the long run.

  • Community Health and Well-Being

Proper wastewater treatment is crucial for preventing the spread of waterborne diseases. Eco friendly septic systems contribute to a healthier environment for your household and the surrounding community.

  • Compliance with Regulations

Depending on your location, regulations regarding septic system performance and maintenance have become stricter over time. Maintaining an eco friendly septic system ensures compliance with local requirements.

Steps to an Environmental Friendly Septic System

  • Choose the Right Location

A proper septic system location considers factors like soil composition, drainage, and distance from wells and waterways. This ensures efficient wastewater treatment and minimizes the risk of groundwater contamination. Septic tank installation experts can help you choose the right location for your septic system.

  • Beware Of What You Flush

Only flush human waste and toilet paper. Avoid flushing harsh chemicals, grease, coffee grounds, or medication. These items can disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria in your septic tank.

  • Schedule Regular Septic Tank Pumping

Every 3-5 years, a reputable septic company should pump out the accumulated solids and scum from your septic tank. This prevents backups and ensures proper treatment of wastewater.

  • Conserve Water

Limiting water usage is not only good for your septic system, but it will also translate to lower water bills. Try as much as you can to reduce water usage and lessen the strain on your septic system. We recommend you fix leaky plumbing, take shorter showers, and consider installing water-efficient appliances.

  • Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Harsh chemicals can kill the good bacteria essential for breaking down waste in your septic tank. Opt for eco-friendly cleaning products whenever possible, or call a professional plumber for help.

  • Schedule Regular Septic System Maintenance

To prevent septic system failure, schedule an annual inspection with a licensed septic company. The experts can inspect your system for potential problems and recommend maintenance practices, such as septic tank cleaning, to keep it functioning optimally.

Septic Blue of Charlotte is Here to Help

Are you looking for a trusted septic company? Get in touch with Septic Blue of Charlotte. We are renowned for providing reliable and budget-friendly septic services, including septic installations, septic tank repair, maintenance, and more. Whether you’re looking to install an eco friendly septic system in your new home or it’s time to empty a full septic tank, we’ve got you covered.