What is Trench or Pit Pumping?

Apr 30, 2022

What is Trench or Pit Pumping?

Trench or pit pumping involves using vacuum trucks to remove sludge and debris from trenchless or pits to prevent clogs and backups. This process keeps your trenches or pits functioning efficiently and helps to prevent foul odors in your property.

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Trenches or pits are constructed in places such as car washes and garages to collect debris and wastewater.

Just like your septic tank, a pit or trench will collect debris and sludge, and over time it will build up to a level where it can cause clogs and backup. If you have a trench or pit in your property, you’ll need to have it pumped out regularly to keep it in good working order.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Pump Out Your Trench or Pit?

Failing to pump out your trench or pit can lead to slow drainage, strange odors in your property, and waste backing up into your property. Besides, you'll end up spending more money on fixing major problems that may arise.

If you have a trench or pit on your property, you should keep up with pumping to prevent a wide range of problems. Regular trench pumping helps to extend the lifespan of the trench or pit and avoid expensive repairs.

Why Avoid DIY Trench Pumping

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you may be tempted to pump out your trench by yourself to save money. However, even if you’re experienced in plumbing issues, you really need to hire a septic company to help you with trench or pit pumping.

Trench pumping requires specialized vacuum trucks to pump out all the waste from the trench. If you don’t have specialized equipment for trench pumping, you’ll have to rent the equipment and this can cost you a lot more money. Hiring a septic company to do the job will save you money because you won’t have to rent pumping equipment.

Moreover, if you don't know how to use pit pumping equipment properly, you may not be able to pump out all waste from the trench.

Trench or pit pumping should be left to a reputable septic company like Septic Blue of Charlotte.

Are You in Need of Trench or Pit Pumping? Call Septic Blue of Charlotte to Help You Out

If you’re looking for a reputable septic company to help you with trench or pit pumping in your car wash, garage, or any other place, you can rely on Septic Blue of Charlotte to get the job done.

Why Choose Septic Blue of Charlotte for Trench or Pit Pumping

  • Our septic technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art pumping equipment to pump out all the sludge from trenches.
  • We have extensive experience in trench or pit pumping, so you can count on us to get the job done efficiently.
  • We provide upfront pricing, so you don't have to about hidden fees.
  • We treat your property with utmost respect and never leave a mess.

We also provide septic tank pumping, septic tank repair, septic cleaning, and other services.

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